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Picual EVOO (NEW!!!)

Picual EVOO (NEW!!!)

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This Picual has a fruity nose and displays notes of banana, arugula, and tomato leaf with a slight pepper finish. We are proud to offer this as our oil highest in healthy MUFA (Oleic) at 81.4% lending extended shelf life, durability, and health benefits. This oil has mass appeal and takes points for being so intensely aromatic in the delicate category.


Country of Origin: Australia

Crush date: May 2023

     Biophenols: 267.0       Oleic Acid: 81.4       FFA:  0.12

     Peroxide: 3.6                DAGS: 98.4            PPP:  <.02

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment

Fruitiness: 7.0  Bitterness: 2.0   Pungency:  3.0

Squalene: 7,837.0      A-Tocopherols: 292.7


Great for sauteing or roasting vegetables!  Also, try it on the grill with one of our all natural rubs.

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