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Midtown Olive

Manzanillo EVOO (New!)

Manzanillo EVOO (New!)

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Our robust Spanish Manzanillo displays notes of creamy almond, green tea and bitter greens with slight confectionary and tropical fruit characteristics on the nose. The finish is powerful with lingering pungency and astringency. 


Country of Origin: Spain

Crush Date: November 2023

Biophenols: 603.1 ppm           Oleic Acid: 72.71                    FFA:  0.16 
Peroxide: 3.7                            DAGs: 91.1                        PPP: 1.2

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment

Fruitiness: 3.35    Bitterness: 3.9    Pungency: 3.65



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