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Delizia Olives

Delizia Olives

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Delizia Olives selects and cures only the finest quality, handpicked, early harvest olives from the south and south-east of Spain. Their family recipe for low salt brines coupled with triple wash and soak methods results in olives that are not only lower in salt content but also naturally crunchy with a clean savory flavor and meaty texture.

Many of the products in our new olive collection are comprised of the rare Gordal olive. These olives are massive. In fact, the name “Gordal” literally translates to “the fat one” in Spanish. The Gordal’s low oil content, firm, meaty texture, and mild savory flavor make it a true rare delicacy among table olives. Our product is handpicked and stuffed in Spain, and always represents the current crop.

All varieties are pitted except the Whole Manzanilla Olive with Garlic & Rosemary.

20 oz 


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