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Ultra Premium White Balsamic

Ultra Premium White Balsamic

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In addition to Trebbiano grapes, Albana, and Montuni grapes are used to add body, complexity, and richness. In the Modena, Italy region, grapes are entirely hand-picked by experienced workers who select only the sweetest clusters for maximum Brix content. The grapes are left to dry in the sun for up to 15 days. During this period, the natural sugar, flavor, and body in the grapes are enhanced and results in a volume loss of 10% through evaporation. The traditionally cooked grape must is lightly filtered to remove any skins from the cooked must before being placed into new white oak barrels for maturation and aging to an amazing 1.28 density and 4% acidity. 

Pair with any of our Ultra Premium EVOOs, Fused or Infused Olive Oils for amazing vinaigrettes , roast vegetables and glaze meats
No added sugar, thickening agents, colors, dyes or preservatives

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