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Videri Chocolate Factory Bar

Videri Chocolate Factory Bar

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70% Sea Salt Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate with a little coarse sea salt sprinkled on the back. Smooth, delicious, and just salty enough to get that irresistible sweet-salty combo. Like a chocolate covered pretzel without the pretzel, this is our year round best selling chocolate bar.

55% Dark Milk Chocolate: Dark Milk chocolate is our take on a classic milk chocolate but without all the filler. Striking the perfect balance between rich chocolate flavor and the iconic sweet creaminess that milk chocolate lovers crave makes this the easiest bar to eat in one sitting. A favorite for kids of all ages, and one of our only bars that contains dairy.

75% Tanzania Single Origin: This bar from our Single Origin Dark Chocolate Collection features cocoa nibs from Kokoa Kamili in Tanzania and organic cane sugar as its only ingredients. This is a naturally creamy bar, a bit tart and vegetal, with hints of cherry to brighten your day.

70% Peppermint Dark Chocolate: A seasonal favorite that’s hard to beat! Our 70% classic dark chocolate, sprinkled with crunchy, organic candy cane for that perfectly minty bite. No artificial colors or flavors, just a delicious winter treat!

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