Emily G’s 10 oz Jams

Emily G’s 10 oz Jams

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Based out of Georgia, Emily G's Jam of Love has been featured in many magazines and cooking demonstrations: Southern Living in December of 2011, The Washington Post in November of 2011, Food Crafters on the Cooking Channel in June of 2010 and Weddings by Martha Stewart just to name a few. Jalapeno Raspberry is one of Emily G's most popular jams.  Fig Pomegranate, a mixture of sweet figs with a tang of pomegranate and an earthy hint of nutmeg, make this jam a go-to for Brie, pork, chicken and more.  Triple Berry is constantly in demand with it's fruitful mixture of strawberries, raspberries and cherries.  Strawberry Chipotle is a fun twist on pepper jelly.  It is made with succulent strawberries and smokey chipotle peppers.  It is fabulous over cream cheese or goat cheese and it makes a great glaze on chicken and shrimp. 

Don't forget to try our seasonal jams.  Peach Marmalade and Pear Honey. 



Any of these jams are perfect for any kind of glaze over meat, amazing over Brie and wonderful in the morning over an English Muffin!