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Busatti Limoncello Apron

Busatti Limoncello Apron

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This wonderful fruit is represented in Pompeii frescoes, therefore it certainly was already known and appreciated in the Roman Empire .

 Lemon is one of our favorite fruits and no one needs to be reminded of its thousands of uses. The bright yellow colour, rough to the touch, together with the sour and truthful savour makes it unique and desired as an ornamental plant as well as for cultivation.

Among its countless uses we recall Limoncello, the wonderful sweet liqueur.

The paternity of Limoncello is contetsted between Capri, Amalfi and Sorrento.

This Busatti fabric is dedicated to “Il Limoncello“ liqueur.

Materials: 100% Cotton

Drawing: Jacquard

Refinishing: Simple machine hem

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