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Busatti Olivo Selvatico Bread Basket

Busatti Olivo Selvatico Bread Basket

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A richness and a joy Busatti has celebrated by dedicating olive oil on one of our most representative fabrics: Olivo Selvatico (wild olive tree). Selvatico (wild) because of the finesse and refinement of the olive tree (as we say in Tuscany) they wanted to combine the spontaneity and the brusqueness of the hills of our scrubland.

That’s how this delicate patterned kitchen fabric was born with the strength that every day use requires.

A wicker basket made by expert craftsmen's hands, embellished with Busatti fabric. Wicker baskets are 8" in diameter. The fabric part encloses the bread completely, can be removed and is machine washable

Materials: 100% Cotton (machine washable)

Drawing: Jacquard

Refinishing: Simple machine hem

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