Glazed Fig & Prosciutto Bruschetta

Glazed Fig & Prosciutto Bruschetta


1 baguette, slicecd on a diagonal into 1/2" thick slices

2 Tbsp Midtown Olive Oil Ultra Premium EVOO

Salt and Black Pepper, to taste

Balsamic Glazed Figs, using 12-15 fresh figs; Recipe here

6 oz Blue Cheese, (not crumbles) or Fresh Ricotta

1/3 lb proscuitto, sliced paper thin & cut into strips

Directions: Preheat oven on broil setting. Place cut baguette slices on large baking sheet. Brush with olive oil, then add salt and pepper. Place on top rack in oven for 5 minutes. Prepare balsamic glazed figs. Arrange toasted baguette rounds on a large serving platter. Top evenly with figs, cheese & prosciutto. Drizzle fig glaze on top. Enjoy!




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