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SALT Sisters for Midtown Olive

Midtown Classic Salt

Midtown Classic Salt

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Our private label line of high quality, classic salts will compliment any dish.

Pink Himalayan, Fine is harvested using traditional methods from ancient deposits that lie deep beneath the Himalayan Mountains.  Its beautiful pink color can naturally vary from almost white to a deep rose and indicates its generous supply of trace elements and minerals that nourish the body. The fine grain of this mineral salt makes it perfect for everyday use.

Sel Gris Organic French Sea Salt A French classic, this Sea Salt is hand-harvested from clay-lined salt ponds located in the Guérande region of France. Its beautiful grey color and briny flavor make it suitable for a variety of cooking needs including grilling, roasting, and baking. Rich in health-boosting minerals, this makes an excellent everyday sea salt.


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