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Casina Rossa

Casina Rossa Squashed Green Olives

Casina Rossa Squashed Green Olives

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Tender green olives from Abruzzo packed in olive oil.

Lemon-Casina Rossa pairs tender green olives from Abruzzo with fresh lemon, garlic, sea salt and olive oil to create these brightly flavored snacking olive. Great in cooked dishes, served with sautéed fish, or dropped in a martini. Deliver a bright, savory, tasty bite to your guests. Serve these natural citrus-infused olives with your next charcuterie or cheese board!

Hot Pepper- From the beautiful, ‘mountains and sea' region of Abruzzo, arrive these tender and tasty green olives packed in olive oil. Once you open a jar, you'll find yourself returning to it again and again! A snacking olive with a mild ‘zip' to it, making it the ‘life of the party! This can be served as an appetizer, or seared alongside seared tuna. 

Made in Italy


All jars are 280 grams.

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