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Casina Rossa

Casina Rossa Pasta Sauce

Casina Rossa Pasta Sauce

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Vodka - A dash of vodka and cream in a fresh tomato, vegetable, and basil base achieve perfect harmony in this classic pasta sauce. Serve with  "Odds and Ends" pasta.

Abruzzese - Classic Abruzzo ‘red sauce.’ Made from fresh tomatoes, oregano, garden vegetables, and EVOO. Suggested for roasted meats and all types of pastas.​

Puttanesca - Sweet, savory and mildly spicy version of a classic regional favorite. Suggested for use with bucatini or pannocchie pastas.

Due Formaggi - Silky rich pasta sauce with pecorino and aged ricotta cheeses. Suggested for polenta, pasta, chicken breast, or roasted fish.

Bianco Cacio e Pepe - Combines DOP pecorino romano cheese with fragrant black pepper in an all natural roux to create the classic Roman dish that dates back to antiquity. Not just for pasta, this sauce can also dress up a grilled chicken breast or steak.

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