Kitchen Linens

Midtown Olive Oil also offers an amazing selection of imported kitchen linens. These beautifully handcrafted linens are imported from France and Italy. Based out of Tuscany, Busatti is one of the companies some of our linens are from and they have been handcrafting elegant masterpieces for centuries using a technique passed down through the generations. For more than 30 years, Jean Vier has been producing linens in the traditional Basque style. Basque is right on the border between France and Spain and is known for its beautiful countryside and families who have been there for generations. Jean Vier also includes 7 stripes on all his products to symbolize the 7 Basque regions. Tissage Moutet also comes from the French countryside. All their specialty products are handwoven on antique Jacquard looms. Located in Nice on the French Riviera, Tissus Toselli has been manufacturing a wide selection of Provencal designs and tea towels since 1933. Scroll down to see the variety of colors and designs we carry from these renowned companies.