SALTS  Salt Sisters Salts

SALTS Salt Sisters Salts

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Pink Himalaya Fine and Coarse is harvested using traditional methods from ancient deposits that lie deep beneath the Himalayan Mountains.  Its beautiful pink color can naturally vary from almost white to a deep rose and indicates its generous supply of trace elements and minerals that nourish the body.  The fine grain of this mineral salt makes it perfect for everyday use.

Red Sunset Ka'nani Hawaiian Sea Salt is a fine salt used to season and preserve. ka'nani is all-natural and rich in trace minerals found in sea water.

Midnight Diamond Ka'nani Hawaiian Sea Salt. This has a stunning black color and silky texture. Solar evaporated Pacific sea salt is combined with activated charcoal. This compliments the natural salt flavor and adds numbers health benefits to this coarse salt.

Sel Gris Organic French Grey Sea Salt. Grey salts have full flavor without being too salty and the high mineral content of Sel Gris makes it naturally lower in sodium than other sea salts. This wonderfully coarse salt is mentioned frequently in gourmet cooking magazines and health publications as being among the best tasting and healthiest of all sea salts.