Arbequina EVOO

Arbequina EVOO
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 This super early harvest California Arbequina displays notes of sundried grass and is super creamy, with a ripe center and green finish. It is herbaceous with peppery notes on the back end.


Country of Origin: USA   Crush Date:  November 2018

BIPHENOLS: 327.5  OLEIC ACID: 65.1  FFA: 0.23

PEROXIDE:  5.8   DAGS: 93.7   PPP:  <1.0

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment

Fruitiness: 5.0  Bitterness:  3.3  Pungency:  4.0



 This is great on salads and pasta.  Try it with Charmene's Bread Dip and a fresh slice of Yellow Dog Bread!

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