Nellino's Sauce

Nellino's Sauce

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Marinara: This is pure heaven in a bottle. Nellino's (formerly Nello's) classic red sauce with a rich unadulterated tomato, garlic, and herb palate. Perfectly balanced and fresh. Inspired by Nellino's great-grandmother, Angelina, of Carife, Italy. Serve with traditional pasta and baked dishes.

Organic Tomato & Basil: Mingles flavors of organic sweet basil with organic tomatoes from Italy. The balance is extraordinary and you'll be speaking Italian by the time your plate is clean. It's Italy in a jar®, after all!

Pomodoro: Southern Living Magazine's 2016 "Best Tomato Sauce." In one word: Elegant. Features lavender and thyme. A unique sauce for the cook looking for something modern and innovative. Soft, yet rich tomato flavor with an herb and floral profile. Pairs with gnocchi, ravioli, cheeses, pork, poultry, or fish.

Hot & Spicy Arrabbiata: Love heat? Then you'll love this, the finest arrabbiata sauce on the planet! The bright ripe tomato flavor mingles with hot spicy red pepper for a pleasant kick. Pair with meats, pastas, veggies, or breads. Perfect as a pizza base or for spicy meatball subs.