HERB Seasoning

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Charmane Skillen is an award winning and renowned connoisseur of salt and the health benefits it provides. She has developed a line of herbs that include her salts. Each one has a unique flavor and unique taste that enhances the dishes they are added to.

Herbs de Provence is Charmane's special twist on this classic herb blend is combined with Trapani sea salt and blends sweet herbs with flowery lavender in the most delightful way. 

Everyday Sea Salt is all about the smoke, the subtle heat, the tanginess and an incredible depth of flavor. Common cooking staples like garlic and onion are amped up with smoky paprika, sweet coconut sugar and earthy turmeric and celery seed. It will certainly help you transform any “everyday” dish into something flavorful and truly unique

Mojo Seasoning is a full of zesty citrus flavors and bold spice, your taste buds are instantly transported.  A Cuban-born classic, this seasoning deliciously celebrates the food that inspired it.