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Midtown Olive

Greek Lemon (Whole Fused)

Greek Lemon (Whole Fused)

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“The Greek “cold-fused” Lemon Olive Oil created exclusively for us, and is hand crafted by selecting only the purest Koroneiki olives, and Organic Interdonato Lemons from our importer's farms in Mani, Greece. These lemons, are small, and full of flavor, with a thick aromatic peel. When cold-fused with our early harvest Koroneiki olives, it produces an exceptional, small batch premium Lemon Olive Oil by using only Organic Harvesting techniques and pressed using zero heat. The lemons and olives are harvested together, and are still green and unripe, producing an amazing aroma and full flavored cold-fused Olive Oil. The olives have been certified organic by DIOHELLAS certifying body, and all lemons are tested by ENVIROLABS to ensure that no pesticides or chemicals have been used and that the complete process is 100% organic.

Pair with our Oregano White Balsamic Vinegar and Tuscan Farmhouse Seasoning, then whisk together an easy, yet tasty vinaigrette!

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