Escazu Chocolates

Escazu Chocolates

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Founded in 2005, Escazu Chocolates is proud to be part of the growing community of small batch artisan Chocolate makers, producing unique chocolates entirely from the bean on traditional and antique equipment.  Midtown Olive Oil offers several flavors from this local chocolatier which is made in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

The Sea-Salt bar is the most popular bar which is made from a blend of Venezuelan and Costa Rican cocoa beans and is lightly dusted with crystals of sea salt.

The Chipotle Chile & Vanilla is also a blend of the 2 beans then lightly dusted with Chipotle Chile for a hint of smokiness and a kick at the end.

The Roasted Cocoa Nibs is a blend as well with a sprinkling of nibs for added crunch!

The Roasted Pepita & Guajillo Chili bar is made with Rainforest Alliance Certified Organic beans from the Caribbean region of Costa Rica.