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Casina Rossa

Casina Rossa Pasta

Casina Rossa Pasta

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From Casina Rossa, Nicola DeLaurentiis and his wife Paola have energized their modest artisan enterprise with a new, up-to-date facility. Their dedication to maintaining a high level of quality, innovation, and aesthetic appeal has won accolades from international and domestic connoisseurs. Everything from Casina Rossa’s kitchen proves to be a sheer delight and an instant best-seller.

Made with 100% durum semolina, ‘Little ears’ of pasta are perfect for rich, is delicious with creamy, rich, and chunky sauces, and vegetables like broccoli rabe. Their grooved texture and shape is perfect for scooping extra sauce in each bite. Try with our Due Formaggi sauce. 1.25 lb, Made in Italy

Bucatini (from the Italian word "buco", or hole), is a hearty version of a classic cut of pasta from Central Italy. Made with 100% Pugliese durum wheat, Long and hollow, it plays an important role in Italian cuisine. Bucatini is a natural companion to red sauces, such as our Puttanesca sauce. 1.1 lb, Made in Italy

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