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Kalamata Reserve EVOO

Kalamata Reserve EVOO

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This limited production early Kalamata displays immediate peppery sensations at the back of the throat accompanied by a spicy mouth feel and a Szechuan peppercorn sensation. The combination of picking green, unripe Kalamata fruit and minimal processing resulted in high antioxidant content and more specifically, a high concentration of Oleocanthal at 258.8 ppm. Flavor notes include creamy green almond and floral confectionery notes. High complexity and balance.  

ROBUST Intensity

Country of Origin: Greece

CRUSH DATE: November 2023

BIOPHENOLS: 547.9  OLEIC ACID: 74.23  FFA: 0.29

PEROXIDE: 3.32  DAGS: 90.0  PPP: <1.0

Squalene: 4756.4        A-Tocopherols: 380.2

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment

Fruitiness: 5.0  Bitterness: 3.9  Pungency: 4.5

Recommendations: Grilling, roasting, sautéing & braising poultry, pork, beef and heartier vegetables. This oil is very nutrient dense!

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