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This delicate oil has a light floral fragrance, a creamy almond center and radicchio on the back. There is delayed bitterness, a light pepper finish, and low pungency. It is well balanced.


Country of Origin: South Africa

Crush Date: June 2020

BIOPHENOLS: 225   OLEIC ACID: 74.3   FFA: 0.19

PEROXIDE: 4.0   DAGS: 93.0   PPP: <1.0

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment

Fruitiness: 5.0   Bitterness: 3.5   Pungency: 4.0

Recommendation: Use this on salads, for bread dipping or to grill, roast or sauté seafood. Goes great with any of our balsamic vinegars!