RUBS Seasonings

RUBS Seasonings

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Not only has Charmane Skillen developed lines of incredible and healthy salt and herbs, she expanded her passion into rubs.

Dragon's Breath is a union of unrefined sea salt, smoked black pepper, red pepper, smoked paprika and herbs to create a wonderfully robust flavor.

For a little bit of sweetness, Charmane created the Honey Glaze Rub with unrefined sea salt, honey powder, onion, garlic and paprika.

Add an island flair to your next seafood recipe with the Key West Seafood Rub and its exciting blend of unrefined sea salt, onion, orange peel, ginger, sesame seeds, coconut sugar, black pepper and spices!

If you are looking for that Southern blend of Texas and Mexican, look no further than the Taco Tuesday Tex-Mex Rub and Seasoning. This blend is a wonderful concoction of unrefined sea salt, chili powder, onion, tomato powder, honey powder, paprika, dried mustard, black pepper, lime juice, herbs and spices.

The Mediterranean Rub is the essence of the Greek Isles, the boldness of Southern Italian flavor and the spicy kick of Spanish cuisine come together in this truly unique seasoning.  Taste the Mediterranean first hand with the pepper, lemon and basil abounding in this blend. 

Recommendation: Meats and vegetables bring out the best in the Dragon's Breath. As is tradition, honey and pork are always a superb mainstay. The Honey Glaze Rub complements pork in any form! The Key West Seafood Rub goes with just what is says, any form of seafood. If you are looking to spice up your hamburgers or tacos, try the Tex-Mex Rub! The Mediterranean Rub makes the perfect plate of pasta, use this in any sauce to liven up the flavor.  Rub generously on fish and meat (amazing on steak!) or use to spice up some tabbouleh.